Give students the edge they need to succeed.

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Giving NYC students an Edge

Students from well-to-do families have every advantage.

Their private schools provide mentors, tutors, have vibrant arts programs, with visits to the Met and MOMA, and excellent student orchestras.

But in our public schools - these programs don't exist, and the majority of our students' families live at or below the poverty level.

We will be there for disadvantaged students who start school without any of the tools they need to succeed. We will be their advantage. We will be their edge, by providing after-school programs that allow students to boost their academics, discover the joy of arts and music, and play sports. All in a safe, nurturing environment. Programs that not only develop mind and body but also the potential to go further in life and break down barriers.

We'll be there to give these students the edge they need to succeed.

Will you be there with us?

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